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You’re Engaged! 6 Things That You Don’t Have To Do Right Away.

Congratulations!! You just got engaged! It has probably been a whirlwind with letting everyone in on your news, all the happiness and congratulations from friends and family, and the love you and your partner feel towards each other right now. ❤️

There may be a sense of urgency to start wedding planning right away, believe me, I did the same thing. So take it from someone who jumped in a tad too early. There are several things that you don’t have to jump into planning and organising just yet.

Buying The Dress

It may be all too tempting to book that dress appointment at your favourite bridal store, to try on all of those amazing wedding dresses and finally get to feel like a bride! But I promise you, take a step back and wait. Instead, take this time to look through some bridal boutique websites, search through magazines or even pull up good old fashioned Pinterest and search for styles of dresses that you like.

Typically your tastes will change, and a dress you thought you loved, might end up only being a small contender when the time is right. Once you have taken the time to let your engagement sink in, carried out some well thought out dress research, maybe even tried a couple on, then take the time to pick out your dress and buy it. Depending on the shop, it can take anywhere from a month to upwards of six months to order a dress. So, don’t wait till a month before to purchase your dress. Six to eight months is a good average that leaves time for any alterations and fittings.

Choosing Your Bridal Party

Chances are, the first people you called or texted after getting engaged, are the ones who you will ask to be in your wedding party, but you don’t have to ask them that minute! Everyone will be very excited and happy for the two of you and let that all sink in. Seriously, right after you get engaged, you are allowed to be selfish and revel in all the attention!

Weddings have a way of bringing about drama, so my advice is to let some of the excitement from your engagement settle before asking those of whom you would want to stand by your side. Some friends or family might enjoy your wedding better as a guest, rather than as a bridesmaid or groomsman, and that’s ok!

Picking Out Bridal Party Attire

This goes hand in hand with asking friends and family to stand next to you on your wedding day. Similarly to buying your dress, don’t get caught up deciding what your bridal party will wear. Throughout the wedding planning, you will hop from one idea to the next, and your vision will evolve. You don’t want to make a dress or wedding attire decision before settling into a wedding style and vision. It’s a lot more challenging to match those smaller aspects to a larger vision. It’s like fitting together two puzzle pieces that really don’t go together. Save yourself the stress!

Planning The Honeymoon

Oh, the honeymoon! Along with your pre-engagement wedding planning, I guarantee you’ve thought about your honeymoon and maybe even planned a dream version of it. We’ve all been there. 🙋🏻‍♀️

It is becoming more popular to wait a few weeks after your wedding to jet off on your honeymoon. This is partly because it is easier to plan one thing at a time, and sometimes more financially doable. If you want to set off for your honeymoon the day after your wedding, I suggest having everything planned to a “T” six to eight months before your wedding day. Around the same time, you would be buying your dress!

The Legal Stuff

Joining together in marriage takes a lot of calculated planning, and it shouldn’t be overlooked when it comes to the legal documents you will need to fill out and sign. However, most things like joining bank accounts or changing your name, can all be taken care of after the wedding! Don’t worry about it beforehand.

Those smaller wedding day details

Linens, favours, and flowers, oh my! Many smaller wedding day details will need to get picked out, come the wedding day, but now is not the time. Like many of these decisions, it all goes back to the style and vision of the day. If you get wrapped up in the little details too early, chances are your tastes will change. Maybe the idea of individual favours isn’t the way to go. Or the table linens now need to be cream instead of white. Trust me; you’ll be having nightmares about your napkins chasing you around a poorly decorated reception hall by the end of planning. Well, maybe not, but now is not the time to worry!

If you are getting overwhelmed, take a breath, look down at that gorgeous ring on your finger, and chat with your soon to be spouse. They are here to plan with you!

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