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You’re Engaged! 6 Things That You Don’t Have To Do Right Away.

Congratulations!! You just got engaged!

You may want to start planning straight away, but don’t overwhelm yourself. There are many things that you don’t have to do just yet.

Buying The Dress

It might be tempting to book that dress appointment immediately. But it would help if you used this time to look through some bridal dress websites, search through Instagram and Pinterest to search for styles of dresses that you like.

Once you’ve carried out your research and tried a couple on, then you can buy it. Depending on the shop, it could take around five months until you receive it, so make sure you leave yourself enough time for alterations and fittings.

Choosing Your Bridal Party

Chances are, the first people you called or texted are the ones who you will ask to be your bridesmaids. But you don’t have to ask them just yet!

Weddings can bring about drama, so let some of the excitement from your engagement settle before asking those who you would want to be stood by your side.

Picking Out Bridal Party Attire

Similarly to buying your dress, don’t get hung up on deciding what your bridal party will wear. Your thoughts may change over time, and you don’t want to make a dress or wedding attire decision before settling on your desired style.

Planning The Honeymoon

Along with your wedding planning, I guarantee you’ve already thought about your honeymoon.

You may choose to wait a few weeks after your wedding to fly away on your honeymoon. This may make it more financially doable. Or, if you want to set off the very next day, make sure you have everything planned and packed!

The Legal Stuff

With marriage, there are legal documents that you will need to fill out and sign. However, most things like changing your name can be taken care of after the wedding.

Those smaller wedding day details

Many smaller details will need to get picked out come the wedding day, but you don’t need to make those decisions now. You may decide that individual favours aren’t the way to go, or you may want to change your colour scheme now that you’re considering table linen.

Don’t get overwhelmed. Speak with your spouse – they’re there to plan with you!

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