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What To Do If It Rains

Today I’m going to cover the subject the favourite discussion topic for Brits – the weather!

Many couples I photograph for at Herts Wedding Photography plan for an outdoor ceremony. So needless to say, one of the most significant stressors faced when your wedding day approaches is when the weatherman predicts rain. I understand entirely how rainy weather may seem like the end of the world after all the months of planning. But I’m here to assure you that of the 300+ weddings I’ve photographed, not a single one has been ruined by the rain.

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So, let me share a few things I’ve learned over the years to ease your stress about a less-than-pleasing weather forecast.

Put your phone down and stop checking the weather app every hour. Don’t lose sleep over it the night before your big day. And do not under any circumstances let it break your spirit. If it looks like a little rain may pass through on your wedding day, have faith that it’s nothing you and your loved ones can’t handle.

I’m sure you’ve heard this before, but cloudy skies make for the BEST photos. The reason is that clouds diffuse and soften harsh midday sunlight that makes us all squint and sweat. I prefer clouds in the sky over blazing hot, blue skies for your photos any day. I can genuinely photograph anywhere when it’s cloudy instead of being limited to the shade or that hour before sunset.

Most of the time when you’re planning an outdoor ceremony, it’s not on as strict of a schedule as it may be at a church or other formal ceremony sites. If you see some dark clouds rolling through, wait a while before you make the call to switch to your indoor backup plan. They may pass right through, and you can still have the outdoor ceremony of your dreams. In the meantime, entertain your guests indoors with games, or better yet – drinks! Also, we can be flexible when we step outside for photos. Maybe it starts to rain when planned initially to do outdoor photos with your bridal party. No problem. We’ll find a spot indoors with beautiful window light, or maybe an overhang. Then, if the sun peeks through during reception, we’ll grab your crew and head out for a few more photos. We’ll make it work!

You’ve spent hours having your hair and makeup done. So it if does rain, preserve your look with a clear umbrella. Why a clear umbrella? Because the light can still pass through it when we’re out taking photos. Dark or colourful umbrellas cast shadows or strange coloured light around when what we want is that soft, cloudy light. I carry one in my car at all times too, so not to worry.

So there it is. Four ways you can beat the classic British weather.

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