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The Best Venues for Weddings in Hertfordshire

Your wedding venue creates the perfect romantic and enchanting atmosphere on your wedding day. Believe it or not, it is the moodsetter for your guests. You can style a place according to your liking or theme, but nothing beats a naturally beautiful wedding venue. In Hertfordshire, there are a lot of excellent wedding locations to explore.

For couples looking for a venue for your wedding in Hertfordshire, we’ve got the best suggestions for you. Check out these five magnificent options:

  1. Ashridge House – The King’s Residence

This 190-acre award-winning wedding venue is only 30 miles away from London. This beautiful mansion surrounded by greenery and gorgeous flower garden used to be a royal residential house for King Henry VIII and his daughter Princess Elizabeth I. It has nine elegant reception rooms that are all licensed for civil ceremonies. Each offers a unique experience. The room can accommodate 170 guests for civil ceremonies and up to 190 guests for a wedding breakfast. You only need a minimum of 80 adult guests to book the Ashridge House. They offer high and low season packages, giving you more flexibility when it comes to budget.

  1. Knebworth House – For Your Fairytale Wedding

If you want to bring your fairytale dream to life, you should check out the Knebworth House. The house’s exterior alone already exudes a romantic vibe. Inside it, you’ll see three different venues that perfectly give off that traditional wedding look. You can experience the 16th-century barn that they restored to provide you and your 180 to 300 guests a night to remember. If you need a more private and contemporary barn, they also offer a venue for that. You can also have your outdoor wedding in their formal garden that houses landscaping inspired by the Victorian and Edwardian times. They would surely be great to capture your wedding photos in Hertfordshire.

  1. Fanhams Hall – Your Mansion in the Countryside

If you want to celebrate your special day away from the city, the beautiful Fanhams Hall is the best place for you to go. Some of its unique features include the long gallery and great hall, its Japanese gardens, tea house, and the fountain plaza. You can rent an exclusive use of the whole place where you and your guests can enjoy the 77 beautiful rooms in the House and Courtyard. This picturesque countryside home has 27-acres of land. The stunningly beautiful building facade surrounded by colourful flowers makes any wedding held here truly an event to remember. You would want your videographer in Hertfordshire to film every part of it.

  1. Henry Moore Studios and Gardens – Artsy Place for Your Wedding

This 70-acre venue gives you two venue options. If you are looking for a refreshing barn wedding in a 16th-century timbered barn house, the Henry Moore Studios and Gardens’ Aisled Barn is the venue for you. Traditional Moore tapestries surround the place, and you’ll find sculptures here made by famous artists around the world. If you are for an intimate and more contemporary celebration, they have the Dane Tree House. It has modern, sleek rooms with panoramic views of the garden, which is perfect for summer wedding celebrations.

  1. London Shenley Club – Your All-Season Venue

If you need a wedding venue that is ready to accommodate any special occasions all-year-round, consider booking at Shenley Club. They use two different marquees for each season. The traditional summer marquee is perfect for your 80 to 180 guests, and as the cold weather approaches, they have a heated marquee to make everyone feel more comfortable. Because the interior of the marquee is pure white, it is easier to transform the place according to the wedding theme you like.


If you’re marrying the love of your life in Hertfordshire, consider yourself lucky. Hertfordshire is a natural beauty, plus it houses several fantastic wedding venues that would make your special day a beautiful event to remember. When choosing a wedding site, find a place that gives both you and your partner personal satisfaction. That way, you’d both enjoy your union celebration.

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