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Sustainable Alternatives to Confetti for Your Wedding

One of the favourite photos I enjoy taking is the confetti shot. It captures a range of expressions and emotions from absolute joy, through to fear!

If you want that epic shot, no matter what you use for confetti, you should remember that having more is better!

Artificial confetti is no longer the go-to option for showering newlyweds with. It is a pain to clean up, it’s not biodegradable and is therefore damaging to the environment.

Eco weddings are increasing in popularity with many couples looking for ways to make their wedding more environmentally friendly. This can even be down to avoiding the use of disposable plates and cutlery.

Here are some alternatives ideas to using wedding confetti.

Dried Flowers

This is perfect for venues that only allow biodegradable confetti. You can mix and match around your colour scheme for maximum effect.

dried flower buds



Lavender confetti is great fun, but beware; it gets everywhere! Whilst you’ll continue to smell great, you’ll find yourself still picking it out at the end of the night.

lavender confetti


Birdseed confetti is another great alternative to wedding confetti. Plus it’s good for local wildlife too!




Bubbles are fun to use, but this is definitely one where you need LOTS of it! I suggest purchasing a kids bubble toy and handing some out to your guests. You’ll get a much better consistent stream of bubbles compared to your guests trying to blow bubbles constantly.

bubble confetti


Using flower petals is probably as close as you can get to traditional confetti.

The confetti shot using petals at Gosfield Hall



If your wedding has an autumnal theme, how about using leaves? Be warned; you need a lot of leaves to get a good effect.

using leaves as confetti

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