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Day 22 of being in Lockdown

As a Stevenage Photographer, I woke up one morning in April and realised that I would have been shooting a Wedding that day. So instead, I decided to demonstrate to my girls what Daddy gets up to during a wedding. Therefore, ladies and gentlemen, I am proud to bring you the Wedding Ceremony of Barbie & Pop-up Pirate.

I didn’t have to travel far for this wedding. The beautiful bride was getting ready whilst sitting precariously on a window sill. She didn’t say very much. I think she was nervous because of her big day although obviously not shy due to the flimsy apron she wore for her bridal preparations. For her hairstyle, she decided to go with the “just pulled out of the toy box” look.

Barbie looks at herself in the mirror

I actually felt she needed very little makeup. She’d obviously worked hard on volumising mascara and her eyebrows were already on point.

Barbie has her make up applied

Whilst the bridal preparations continued, I headed off to get shots of the rings, shoes and dress.

The wedding rings placed upon toilet roll

The bride had chosen to ditch the traditional wedding dress and had gone with a lovely 100% polyester summer dress.

Barbie's Wedding dress of choice

Barbie's Wedding Shoes

It was almost time for the ceremony to begin so I headed outside to meet up with the groom. He was very excited about the big day!

Outdoor Wedding Photographer in Hertfordshire

A number of wedding guests had travelled quite far from Equestria. Others from the Coast in Denmark. Another from a hotel in Gatwick.

Wedding guests at Barbie's Wedding

All of the guests had arrived and it was time for the Wedding Ceremony. The walking talking dinosaur was giving Barbie away and looked particularly proud to be doing so.

Outdoor Weddings in Hertfordshire

Raa Raa the Noisy Lion was officiating the ceremony. He welcomed all of the guests to the ceremony.

Raa Raa the noisy lion officiates the ceremony

Outdoor Weddings in Hertfordshire

The couple said their vows to each other. It was a particularly emotional moment.

Barbie and Pop Up Pirate exchange their vows

Barbie and Pop Up Pirate are Husband and Wife

After the wedding ceremony, the couple thanked their guests and then headed straight off on their honeymoon.

Barbie leaves with a just married sign on the back of the car

By Steve, Herts Wedding Photography – Stevenage Photographer based in Hertfordshire.

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