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Steps to Take If You Have to Postpone Your Wedding

If you’ve had to postpone your wedding due to covid, then you’re probably going through the range of emotions. You could still have the wedding day you wished for, but a few changes will need to be made first.

What to Consider When Postponing Your Wedding Day

Get your Wedding Co-Ordinator Involved

They are probably the first person you should contact. They can let you know what your options are, helping you decide what to do next.

Check Your Finances

With any change of plans, this may cause you a loss financially. Hopefully, you can negotiate with the venue and your suppliers for your re-arranged date. However, make sure your expectations remain realistic. Many suppliers might also be going through financial hardship due to postponements.

Talk To Your Venue

If you are looking for new dates, make sure you get in touch with your venue as soon as possible. If it’s a popular venue, you may need to wait months or years for your preferred date. You can always look at holding your celebrations at a new venue, but it would likely that you will lose your deposit.

Get In Touch with Your Suppliers

Once you’ve set a new date, get in touch with your suppliers. If they can’t accommodate your new date, you will need to start the search for an alternative available supplier. You may also incur some losses if you need to switch suppliers. The best plan would be to work with your venue and suppliers to find a date that works for everyone involved.

Send Out Change the Date Cards

Make sure that your guests know about the postponement ASAP. Some may have already arranged transportation or accommodation. The sooner you can let your guests know, the better, particularly if they’re travelling from a fair distance away.

If you’ve already booked your honeymoon, don’t forget to make the necessary changes here too.

Once you have all of these changes made, you can start looking forward to your big day again.

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