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The Marriage of Laura & Dave

It’s great to be a St Albans Wedding Photographer as it’s almost on my doorstep. On Monday, I photographed Laura and Dave’s wedding in St. Albans.

They had their ceremony at St. Albans Registry Office, followed by a reception at Ye Olde Fighting Cocks, Britain’s oldest pub!
I arrived on a glorious sunny morning, the opposite of how the weather had been on the previous days (I was clearing snow off my car not 24 hours earlier!).

St Albans Wedding Photographer capturing bridal preparations

The bride and her family were already in full flow of getting ready.

A bottle of champagne

The bride smiling on her wedding day
The bride had small flowers placed in her hair which looked amazing.

The intricate flowers positioned into the bride

The sister of the bride has her hair styled
Whilst the preparations took place, I grabbed shots of the bouquet and wedding shoes.

The bridal bouquet on a wall

The bride's rainbow shoes on a brick wall
A while later, the bride was ready and I captured the final lacing of the wedding dress.

The wedding dress is laced up at the back

The engagement ring of the bride

A photo taken of the bride in a mirror

A family photo before leaving for the registry office

The mercedes wedding car

I then headed off to St. Albans registry office to meet up with the groom and best man.

At the offices of St Albans Wedding Photographer

The groom holds the wedding rings

St Albans Wedding Photographer during the cermony

The couple share a hug together
Whilst the guests continued to make their way to the reception, I took Laura and Dave off for some portrait shots.

The couple outside st albans cathedral

The happy couple share a kiss in the sunlight

The bride and groom pose under an archway

St Albans Wedding Photographer

A black and white photo of the bride and groom in st albans
We then headed back to the reception venue to grab the group and family shots whilst there was still some lovely afternoon light.

St Albans Wedding Photographer

A sign for guests to write their messages on

St Albans Wedding Photographer

The father of the bride proposes a toast to the bride and groom

Weddings guests applaud the speeches

The bride and groom cut the wedding cake

St Albans Wedding Photographer

A close up shot of the grooms
By Steve, Herts Wedding Photography – St Albans Wedding Photographer, based in Stevenage.


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    Steve is a really decent man and very helpful too U have no problems and would highly recommend him. Thank you for capturing those great moments on our special day

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