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The Wedding of Alaina & Greg

Last week I photographed the Wedding Ceremony of Alaina & Gregg at St Alban’s Registry Office.

Alaina & Gregg asked me to create a bespoke package to capture just the wedding ceremony and the family photos. I was more than happy to oblige.

St Albans Registry Offices

It was a warm sunny morning when I arrived in St Albans. I was looking forward to some gorgeous shots in the gardens after the ceremony. I first met up with Gregg & his best man.

The groom outside St Albans Registry Office

The groom and his best man pose for a photo

A photo of the silver wedding rings

Shortly afterwards the bride arrived and she looked stunning.

The bride outside St Albans Registry Office

After a few photos, we headed inside and the ceremony was underway. I’ve worked weddings at this registry office for a number of years. The registrars are fantastic and really relaxed.

The bride and groom stare into each others

The bride and groom during the wedding ceremony

The bride and groom hold each others hands

The bride and groom exchange vows

Both of the bridesmaids delivered their readings. The bride and groom had also written their own vows.

The couple hold hands

These were beautiful to hear and very heartfelt. It was a pleasure to be a part of this celebration of marriage.

The groom reads his personal speech to his wife to be

The bride reads the speech to her husband to be

The bride and groom kiss

We grabbed a posed photo signing the wedding register. Guests then had the opportunity to take their own photos.

The husband and wife sign the wedding register

Guests take photos on their phones and tablets

The bride receives the marriage deeds

The couple had bubbles rather than confetti which looked wonderful in the soft light.

Confetti has been replaced with bubbles for the ceremony exit

The couple share a kiss outside of the registry office

A group shot with all guests in St Albans

A kiss on the cheek from her new husband

Couple portraits outside of St Albans Registry Office

St Albans Wedding Photographer

St Albans Wedding Photographer

A playful shot with the bride and groom

The bride and groom share an embrace together

By Steve, Herts Wedding Photography – St Albans Registry Office Wedding Photographer based in Stevenage, Hertfordshire.


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