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Should you feed your Photographer on your Wedding Day?

Some food for thought…

The average time I spend at your wedding is typically 16 hours, and having a large breakfast only lasts for so long.

The team rarely stops running around at your wedding, and we don’t take snack breaks during your day.

We tend to have a break when you are eating your wedding breakfast (you don’t want photos of people putting food in their mouths!).

Many venues offer supplier meals, and even though it can be the same meal you’ve chosen for your guests, we don’t need to have a fancy expensive meal.

We tend to take a break in an area away from your guests, which is the same time when we check our equipment and replace batteries and memory cards.

This way, you can enjoy your meal without cameras, but we’ll still be close by, ready for the speeches.

It’s absolutely fine if you cannot provide a meal, we will nip away whilst you have your meal, but please let us know ahead of time to plan for this.

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