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Proposal locations in hertfordshire

Where to find the most picturesque proposal locations in Hertfordshire

The county of opportunity provides a bountiful supply of beautiful proposal spots, whether you’re staying close to home or heading here just for the big moment. From the vibrantly-coloured Hitchin countryside to the historic ruins of St. Albans, you are sure to find a location that’s perfect for you and your partner to both fall in love all over again.

If you’re looking for a little inspiration, we’ve hand-picked three of the most scenic places across the county, which could easily have been handcrafted specifically to host your proposal.

Lavender fields, Hitchin

We’re confident that you’ll forgive us for including the well-trodden paths of Hitchin’s lavender fields in this list. It’s one of north Hertfordshire’s most popular outdoor attractions, and for a good reason, too. The fields can be found on the vast rolling slopes of Wilbury Hills, where you’ll find rows of aromatic lavender between the acres of wildflowers and meadows.

The site even encourages you to pick a sprig of your very own lavender to take home with you, providing an extra memento from your special day. If spending time in the great outdoors is important to both you and your partner, then the lavender fields are the perfect place for you. Do note that the fields are only open to the public between late spring and early autumn, so you’ll have to plan your proposal accordingly.

Ashridge Estate, Berkhamsted

If you’re looking to combine a little history with some natural beauty, then Ashridge Estate in Berkhamsted will tick all of your boxes. Grab your elegant engagement ring, head to the 5,000-acre estate and get lost in the natural charm of this Hertfordshire jewel. You’ll be able to explore the vast landscapes at your own pace, where forests, open fields, and chalk downlands come together to create a nature-lover’s haven.

Established in the 13th century as a monastery founded by Edmund of Cornwall, Ashridge Estate is steeped in history, so why not head there to create a slice of your own? There are countless spots within the estate that’d be perfect for a proposal. Whether you stick to the 80 miles worth of designated footpaths or go a little off-piste to find your own special spot high up on the Chiltern Hills, take the time to carefully plan out the delivery spot and leave the rest up to fate!

Amwell Nature Reserve

The 40-hectare site that makes up Amwell Nature Reserve is one of the most significant spots for wildlife conservation in the entire county. On top of the stunning tranquil water features, you’ll be greeted by a variety of different birds, including (hopefully) kestrels, buzzards and herons.

To find one of the most romantic spots in the reserve, head to the viewpoint overlooking Great Hardmead Lake. You certainly won’t want to miss out on the stunning photo opportunity at this gorgeous location, so make sure you’ve considered how to capture your proposal on camera. After your partner’s said yes (hopefully), head to one of the hides for a celebratory glass of champagne and a spot of bird watching, as you start to plan the rest of your lives together.

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