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Instagrammable background for your virtual wedding

Most Instagrammable Backgrounds For Your Virtual Wedding

While we’re in the midst of a global crisis and many couples are being faced with the deflating decision of having to cancel their special day; it got us thinking about virtual weddings and how lucky we are to have the technological advances that we have today. It has never been easier to connect with others and also share memories, photographs, and videos with loved ones online. Virtual weddings have proved to be popular, and although it might not come close to the real thing, here are the top 10 instagrammable wedding destinations turned into Zoom backgrounds to help you create the perfect virtual wedding of your dreams! From Bali to New York, *virtually* travel to the venue of your choice and live-stream your wedding with your friends and family; wherever they may be.

1. Bali

#baliwedding – 948,044 posts

Bali Wedding Photography

2. Miami

#miamiwedding – 256,350 posts

Miami Wedding Photography

3. New York

#newyorkwedding – 249,836 posts

New York Wedding Photography

4. Los Angeles

#losangeleswedding – 197,596 posts

Los Angeles Wedding Photography

5. Arizona

#arizonawedding – 173,525 posts

Arizona Wedding Photography

6. Tuscany

#tuscanywedding – 170,656 posts

Tuscany Wedding Photography

7. Las Vegas

#lasvegaswedding – 168,210 posts

Las Vegas Wedding Photography

8. Santorini

#santoriniwedding – 120,059 posts

Santorini Wedding Photography

9. Paris

#pariswedding – 116,310 posts

Paris Wedding Photography

10. San Francisco

#sanfranciscowedding – 110,743 posts

San Francisco Wedding Photography

Top 10 ‘Instagrammable’ Wedding Destinations

  1. Bali


948,044 posts

  1. Miami


256,350 posts

  1. New York


249,836 posts

  1. Los Angeles


197,596 posts

  1. Arizona


173,525 posts

  1. Tuscany


170,656 posts

  1. Las Vegas


168,210 posts

  1. Santorini


120,059 posts

  1. Paris


116,310 posts

  1. San Francisco


110,743 posts

How to Set a Custom Background on Zoom

To set a virtual background on Zoom, you need to:

  • Log into Zoom
  • Go into account settings
  • In the account profile tab under background image for Zoom rooms click upload new image
  • Select your image and click open

For the background image guidelines and further instructions, click here.


We used the data and research from this article which lists the top 10 most ‘instagrammable’ wedding locations. We then used these results to search for these locations on Instagram using the destination hashtag followed by ‘wedding’ to determine how popular and ‘instagrammable’ each location was for a wedding. We then ordered the results from most to least popular and created Zoom backgrounds for each of the top 10 destinations.



All images sourced from https://www.shutterstock.com/

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