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Milling Barn Wedding

Milling Barn Wedding

We were back for another Milling Barn Wedding in April! This time for the wedding of Rosie & Kieran. It started off as a really hot and sunny day, quite unusual for April, but most welcomed!

Milling Barn Wedding Venue
Milling Barn Wedding Venue

The Bridal preparations were underway with the hair and makeup artists already working their magic.

Milling Barn Wedding Venue
Bridesmaids at Milling Barn
The Bridesmaids get ready at milling barn
Bridal Preparations at Milling Barn
The Wedding Dress in the dressing room
The bride puts on her wedding dress

There are a number of “must have” shots that I look for, but none are as special as capturing the father of the bride seeing his daughter in her wedding dress for the first time. In all my years as a wedding photographer, it still moves me to see the emotion and joy of this occasion.

The first look of the father of the bride

The groomsmen were getting ready at the Milling Barn Wedding venue, and shortly after, the wedding ceremony was ready to begin in the Oak Barn.

Garden Games At Milling Barn
The Oak Barn at Milling Barn

The Wedding Ceremony in the Oak Barn

The bridal party enter the oak barn
Wedding Ceremony in the Oak Barn at Milling Barn
Confetti shot outside the oak barn
The Groomsmen at Milling Barn

I used to always use a ladder for our big group shots, but these days we use our drone!

Drone photography at Milling Barn

Some couples choose to have family and group photos and others do not. We don’t mind either way!

Group photos at Milling Barn
Drone shot of Milling Barn
Guests enjoying each others company

We then took the bride and groom around the milling barn wedding venue for their portrait shots of them together.

Wedding Photography at Milling Barn
Wedding Portraits at Milling Barn
Milling Barn Wedding Portraits
Milling Barn Wedding Photographer

The guests would shortly be called for the wedding breakfast, so we headed back to capture the details of the room before the guests took their seats.

Weddings at Milling Barn
Milling Barn Wedding Venue
Wedding Breakfast at Milling Barn
Wedding Speeches in Throcking
Wedding Speeches
Mr & Mrs Game

The wedding breakfast was served, and so at this time, we down our tools to recharge our batteries (sometimes literally). After the meal, again we continue with our natural coverage of the wedding guests having fun and mingling together.

Guests play Garden Games at Milling Barn
Guests mingle at the buntingford wedding venue

As the sun began to set, it was time to cut the cake, and for the first dance.

The Cake Cutting and First Dance
Guests at Milling Barn
Guests having fun at Milling Barn
Guests enjoying themselves in the dairy barn
Wedding Guests Dancing at Milling Barn

I enjoy taking the couple out in the night, not just to give them a breather, but to also capture some epic night time shots.

Night time Photography at Milling Barn

Are you holding your wedding at Milling Barn? Why not give me a shout and see if we click (sorry!).

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