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If You Want A Memorable Wedding, Book These 4 Things!

Getting married is, of course, one of the most significant occasions in many people’s lives. But the pressure to make the wedding day truly memorable and special can be immense and difficult to deal with. There are so many different options to consider, and this range of choices can sometimes be paralysing. To take the pressure off, here are four easy things you can book for your wedding that are sure to make it a fantastic, memorable time for everyone.

Live Wedding Band

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1/ Book A Wedding Band

Booking a band is one of the best tips for making your wedding memorable. Most people will go for a DJ at their evening reception, but following the crowd here makes it hard for your big day to be unique. Besides, there is just something about seeing a real band perform live, which is extra special. There are some great wedding bands to hire online who cover a range of musical styles and are experienced at playing such occasions.

2/ Hire A Great Photographer

You will be sure to make many great memories on your big day and want to remember every part of it in the future. As the years go by, though, this can be tricky if your own memory starts to fade. One of the best tips for a memorable wedding, therefore, is to hire a top-class photographer. Doing this means you have a permanent record of the wedding – from getting ready to tying the knot, and all the way through to the evening bash. Hiring a wedding photographer also adds an air of theatre to the occasion and helps guests get more involved.

Wedding Venue

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3/ Choose A Beautiful Venue To Marry In

One thing that will make any wedding truly memorable is the location. If you plan to marry in a church, booking a pretty one that is local to you can really help people have a great time. Just remember to contact the vicar in good time to sort it all out first! Also, it is key to choose where you will hold your reception and evening bash after. You could go for something quirky here to really stand out (such as a big outdoor marquee) or something classically elegant (like a posh country house) to wow guests.

But what if you plan a civic ceremony? While you do not need to worry about finding an attention-grabbing church, you still need to pick your venue wisely. As above, you could choose from the best unique wedding venue ideas to impress people or go for a more traditionally romantic venue to blow them away.


4/ Book An Owl, Dove Or Bird Of Prey To Deliver Your Rings

While your wedding’s location plays a big part in how memorable it will be, the ceremony itself can also be a crucial factor. One cool idea is hiring an owl, dove or bird of prey to deliver the rings. The sight of such an animal swooping down with them, as you stand at the aisle waiting, is something guests will not forget in a hurry. Naturally, there are professional companies you can book for this using fully trained animals.


Book A Top UK Wedding Photographer For Your Wedding

If you plan to marry and are looking for an award-winning wedding photographer, get in touch today. Based in Hertfordshire, we cover the whole of the UK and have a wealth of experience covering all types of weddings. We believe in taking natural, relaxed photos, which will make your special day that bit more memorable. Get in touch on 0800 852 7741 for more details.

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