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How to Smooth Over Bridal Party Drama

1. When Someone Complains About Costs

Being in a wedding party is expensive. When someone starts to complain about finances, it’s not that they don’t want to participate, but instead, they are frustrated they feel like they can’t. Take them aside privately and ask about ways to help mitigate the. They may choose to do their hair and makeup or skip being part of your hen party. Ensure they know how important they are to you and what it means for them to be part of your day.

2. When Bridesmaids Don’t Meet Your Expectations

If you haven’t expressed your expectations to your bridesmaids, then it’s hard to point the finger. If you know additional people who want to be involved, then make sure you delegate specific roles. Always remember to thank your bridesmaids. There is rarely a time people don’t want to help someone grateful.

3. When Someone Dislikes Their Outfit

It’s rare to have a bridal party with the same proportions and shape, and there is also a comfort level in knowing what looks suitable for your body shape. Make sure your bridal party get their dresses with plenty of time and go to a good seamstress. The right cuts and hems can change everything on a dress while still keeping a uniformity and adding comfort.

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