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How To Shop For Your Dream Wedding Dress At Home

Is Covid getting in the way of your wedding dress search? Time to go digital shopping!

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Shopping for your wedding dress is one of the most exciting parts of your wedding planning. Many brides dream of the whole pampered experience, surrounded by your bridesmaids whilst you try on dresses until you finally find “The One!”. The thought of missing out on this due to the lockdown can be quite upsetting.

Luckily, many bridal shops have launched virtual appointments to help brides shop for their wedding dress from the comfort of their home.

To help make this process go as smooth as possible, you’ll need to do some homework first!

Carry Out Your Research

Start by looking for inspiration on Instagram and Pinterest. By looking through a wide variety of styles should help you get a feel for what you like.

Book Your Virtual Appointment

Once you’ve got the appointment in your diary, make sure you block out a few hours of your time to avoid any interruptions. Shopping for a wedding dress can be daunting, even when done from your own sofa, so don’t be afraid to let the shop know your worries or concerns.

You should consider how soon you’re planning to have your ceremony when the lockdown is eased. Typically, the turnaround time for a dress can be around five months, so if time is not on your side, they may advise considering an ex-sample wedding dress.

Buy Off-the-Rack

If you know exactly what you’re after, then straight off-the-rack could be the right option for you.

If you’ve seen an online sample that you like, ask for a sample of the fabric to be sent by post. What you see on screen may not look the same or feel as you expected.

Ask to Try on a Sample

Not all shops will offer this service, but some may be willing to loan a sample to you to try on at home.

You should remember that wedding dress samples will come in the size currently available and so you won’t be able to see exactly how it would hang on you. But seeing the dress in real life and trying it on with the assistance of a few clips will help you to get an idea of whether it suits you or not. You’ll also be able to feel how heavy the dress is and see the fabric up-close, which should help make your decision.

When the dress arrives, make sure you tell your other-half not to disturb you. Choose a room with natural light and set up a full-length mirror. Grab some shoes with a heel or at least a similar height to what you plan on wearing. Ensure you’re not wearing any makeup or lipstick to avoid getting any marks or stains on the fabric.

If you decide it’s the dress for you, you could always choose to do your ‘big reveal’ over Zoom with your mum and bridesmaids.

Discuss Alterations and Customisation

If you’ve found your dream dress but want to add customisations, make sure you discuss this with the shop first. It’s most likely you’ll be able to make these alterations but make sure you check what’s possible and how much it will cost before going ahead.

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