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How to Plan the Perfect Wedding Timeline for Great Photos

Are you excited about your upcoming wedding day? We sure are, too! Weddings are joyous occasions, not only for the visitors but especially for the lucky couple getting married. For this reason, you would want to remember this ceremony for the rest of your life.

While those memories will hang around in your mind forever, the best way to ensure that each detail of the wedding is remembered is to have professional pictures taken! Such pictures help capture not just the events but the emotions behind them as well, transporting you back to that special moment as if you were experiencing it all over again.

With that said, all of that is only possible if you have wonderful pictures taken by a professional photographer!

However, that is not enough. To ensure you get the best photos possible, you will need to do some preparation; one of them is to create a photography timeline. Here is what you can expect to be doing in each phase of your wedding.

1. The preparation

When you and your partner are busy getting ready, you will make sure that you have at least half an hour left to leave for the venue.

If you want photos to be taken at this time, you will need to allow photographers to arrive approximately at the same time your hair and make-up artist arrive to give them enough opportunities to take as many pictures as possible.

2. The ceremony

During the ceremony, a lot of things are going to happen. Guests will slowly arrive, the entourage will start to assemble, last-minute changes will occur, and of course, the ceremony itself will take place.

These are all great opportunities to capture a slice of the entire event. Some of these will be spontaneous, but certain photos will obviously need to be planned. In other words, you need to allocate enough time for the whole ceremony and also enough time for the photographers to set up and get ready quickly.

We recommend setting aside at least an hour for the entire ceremony. That way, you will not have to rush through the event, and the photographers will have enough time to set up in the beginning and move out at the end.

3. The group photos

Group photos are typically a must-have for any wedding, as they are one of the few occasions you and your partner can have your entire families stand together for pictures. Unfortunately, this is also where things can get messy, especially if you are in a hurry.

To ensure everything goes smoothly, allocate around forty-five minutes for group pictures. We also have our own unique way of getting through these photos faster which you will love! Any extra time can be used for other photos that have not been planned yet, allowing everyone to have fun.

4. The reception

Holding the reception in the same place as your wedding means less work for your photographers. However, if you are planning to go somewhere else, that is alright, too. Just remember to allocate enough time between the reception and the wedding for people to get ready and reach their seats, all the while photographers can get the lighting, stands, and other equipment set up to do their jobs.

As for the whole reception, you can allocate around an hour to an hour and a half for people to enjoy their food and perhaps have a bit more time for you to make your speeches.


Now you have a good idea of how you can properly allocate your time from preparation to the reception, ensuring everyone is at their best ready for the great pictures. That said, you do not have to force yourself to stick to the schedule we have given. Each wedding is different, and you have the freedom to adjust your time and schedule accordingly.

However, always remember to work with your photographers when finalizing your plans. That way, they can do their jobs properly to ensure that you end up with a stunning wedding album that you can treasure.

Are you looking for a professional wedding photographer in Hertfordshire to work with? Herts Photography can help you! With professional equipment and plenty of experience, we will capture your wedding in its best light, ensuring the photos you get are nothing less than perfect. Reach out to us today.

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