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How To Pick A Venue When The Options Seem Endless

So congrats, you’ve come this far!

Now it comes to deciding on what venue to choose. You’ll want to choose somewhere that is memorable for special for you both.

Deciding on your venue will be a tough choice and shouldn’t be rushed into. Make sure you’ve agreed on a budget between yourselves as this may remove some higher-priced venues from the get-go.


Start by looking online. I’ve started writing posts about my favourite venues in Hertfordshire as well!

Put together a spreadsheet of your favourite places.¬†From there, cut the list down to the top five places where you would love to get married. There is a high chance that your preferred date might not be available, so check in early with the venues to see what’s available.

Open Days

Many venues host open days (ok, pre-covid at least) where vendors will also be present, and the rooms will be set up to show you the ceremony & reception space, as well as the bridal suites.


Depending on the packages a venue offers, some prices will be budget-friendly, and others may not. Some wedding venues will have packages that include literally everything, covering entertainment, catering, and hire.

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