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How to Enhance Your Wedding Photography With a Photo Booth

To commemorate your big day, hiring the right Hertfordshire wedding photographer can make all the difference. To balance the drama provided by official wedding photos, a photo booth can make for a playful and casual addition to your reception. To successfully incorporate a photo booth into your event, take note of the following tips.

Tip #1 – Pick the Right Location

Generally, you’ll want your photo booth to be situated in an area where all wedding guests can access it. Ensure that it is strategically located within your event space, such as next to the bar or where your primary entertainment is set to take place. Then, erect a space in which guests can tape up their photos or insert them into a wedding book.

Tip #2 – Consider the Number of Guests Attending

Regardless of whether you’re inviting only a handful of guests or hundreds of friends and family, your photo booth should be able to accommodate at least 2 to 3 people at a time. After all, whimsical group shots are what makes a photo booth memorable!

Tip #3 – Let Your Guests Know

Chances are, a photo booth will be placed in an area that everyone can come across it—but it doesn’t hurt to remind your guests that it’s available to use free of charge. Let them know in a message ahead of time or ask your host to announce it before the reception starts.

Tip #4 – Accessorise Your Photo Booth

If you’re running on a tight budget, a plain photo booth will likely do—but adorning it with DIY accents can make for even more memorable takeaways. We will make accessories such as hats, glasses, moustaches, signs, wings, feathers, shawls, wigs, and other props available to create unforgettable shots.

Tip #5 – Send Away Wedding Favours

Nothing memorialises your big day more than being able to take photo booth prints home as a wedding favour. If you can afford to do so, allow your wedding guests to frame their photos by equipping your booth with empty frames, markers, and stickers.

Tip #6 – Prepare a Slideshow

To encourage shyer guests to take advantage of your photo booth before the reception is over, you can ask to display a slideshow of photo booth images throughout the night. Encourage a laugh out of your attendees by dedicating some wall space to an on-loop projection of their best snapshots.

Tip #7 – Create an Appropriate Layout

When renting out a photo booth, keep in mind that you can choose between more than one layout. Standard booths will usually print 4 images at once, whereas others might only print 1. You can also personalise your layout with elements of your own such as your wedding date, hashtag, or a sweet note.


Especially for attendees who aren’t keen on having their photo taken, accompanying your official photographer with a more casual photo booth can put even your most bashful guests at ease. Not to mention, it’s a great form of wedding memorabilia you can send your guests home with after your big day! For a wedding photographer in Hertfordshire that produces high-quality images for competitive prices, work with us at Herts Photography! Working like ninjas, we assimilate ourselves seamlessly into your ceremony and reception, which allows us to capture the purest and most candid moments.

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