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The Wedding of Sophie & Sarah

The Bridal Preparations

At the beginning of August, I photographed the wedding of Sophie & Sarah at Gilwell Park, London (https://www.gilwellpark.co.uk/wedding-venue). The weather was forecast for a hot sunny day. As I was photographing two brides, I split my time between the two to capture the bridal preparations of each. I firstly headed over to a Salon in Chingford to meet up with Sophie.

Lisa N Girls Salon Chingford

Same Sex Wedding Photographer

Along with Sophie was her Bridal party. I took the time to get shots of all of the preparations at the Salon.

Same Sex Wedding Preparations

Wedding Preparation Toast

Hair Dressing at the Salon

Mother of the bride smiling in the mirror

Bridal preparations at Lisa N Girls

After a short while, it was time for Sophie to have her hair and make-up.

Same Sex Bridal Preparations

Same Sex Wedding Hair and Make Up

Bridal Hair Styling

Make Up for the bride

The bride looking stunning

The Wedding Venue

It was time for me to leave and head over to Chigwell Park to capture Sarah’s bridal preparations.

Chigwell Park Wedding Venue

Chigwell Park Wedding Venue in London

The brides

During the preparations, I grabbed shots of the wedding dress, the wedding bouquet and shoes.

Wedding dress hanging from a door
A black and white photo of the wedding dress

Bridal bouquet of flowers

Wedding Shoes on gravel

After photographing the finer details, I returned to the room to capture the final parts of the bridal preparations.

Bridesmaid hair and make up

Wedding dress lacing
Black and white photo of the back of the dress

The bride putting in her earrings

The bride smiling in the mirror

I received a message that Sophie had arrived and went down to meet her.

The bride exiting the london cab

The bride standing outside a london black cab

The guests had also begun to arrive. I headed off to outdoor ceremony area to capture some candid shots.

Gilwell Park Same Sex Wedding

Gilwell Park Wedding

Gilwell Park Wedding with Guests

The Ceremony

All the guests had arrived so it was time for the ceremony to begin.

The first of the brides arrives

The entrance of the bridal party

The bride being walked up the aisle

The second bride arrives

A bridesmaid walks up the aisle

The bride arrives with her mum and dad

The brides had written their own vows to each other. They were both full of true love and humour.

The brides reading their own vows

The brides read their vows to each other

The two brides exchange wedding rings

First kiss as Mrs & Mrs

The two brides signing the wedding register

After the signing of the wedding register, the couple had a few moments to themselves. We grabbed a few more shots with the London Taxi Cab before it left. I also took some candid shots of the wedding guests. A while later, we went through the group shots that the couple wanted.

The married brides

The two brides beside the london taxi

A black and white photo of the two brides together

Candid photos of wedding guests

Wedding guests posing for a photo at Gilwell Park Wedding Venue

A group shot of all guests at the Gilwell Park Wedding Venue

We also made time to get some couple portraits around the grounds of the Gilwell Park Wedding Venue.

Same Sex Photography at Gilwell Park Wedding Venue

Same Sex Photography at Gilwell Park Wedding Venue

We also had a chance to get some fun photos too before heading in for the wedding breakfast.

A fun photo with the two brides at Gilwell Park Wedding Venue

Gilwell Park Wedding Table Plan

They couple had two cakes, both to reflect their geographic backgrounds.

The two wedding cakes

Gilwell Park Wedding Venue

As the guests took their seats, I grabbed a close up shot of the wedding rings. The wedding breakfast was about to begin so I left them to eat. I later returned to capture the speeches.

The wedding rings of the two brides

A mother of the bride delivers her wedding speech

A natural reaction to the wedding speeches

Gilwell Park Wedding Venue Guests

The bride laughing at the speeches

Mother of the brides laughs

A lovely touch was that the couple had video messages left by those that couldn’t be there for the day.

A tv screen with video messages

The two brides deliver a speech

After the speeches, the cake was cut and the dancing began. I continued to capture the fun and laughter along with a couple of photos of the guests.

The two brides cut the wedding cake

The two brides share their first dance

A wedding guest enjoying herself

Wedding guests singing

Same Sex Photographer

Gilwell Park Guests

The two brides dancing together at Gilwell Park Wedding Venue

By Steve, Herts Wedding Photography – Gilwell Park Wedding Photographer based in Stevenage, Hertfordshire

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