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Four Things Your Photographer Will Know That No One Else Will On The Big Day

1. How To Bustle Your Dress

Do you remember how the seamstress explained to bustle your dress? Neither will your bridesmaids. But don’t worry, I’ve got you covered. I’m always ready if needed, and we bring a sewing kit with us, just in case. 


2. How to Fasten Buttonholes

This is probably the most asked thing when it comes to fastening buttonholes. In fact, at many weddings, we end up pinning these onto the gents ourselves.


3. How to Fix Rogue Hairstyles

Hair and makeup happen early in the day, and by the time it comes to your wedding portraits, you may end up with flyaways. Don’t worry! We arrive with extra hairclips!


4. How to Help With Family Drama 

Your photographer will help you set up your family photos and can handle any issues that arise during the day amongst family. From rogue uncles to arguing ex’s, we’ve seen and diffused situations where necessary. Making your family photo list is the best time to tell your photographer about any potential issues you might encounter. Our goal is to know about your family dynamics and do everything we can to help 

As a professional photographer at your wedding, I’m always on hand to help out in any way I can.

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