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Five Must Have Conversations Now That You’re Engaged

1. Communication

At some point, you will get into an argument or two with your future husband or wife. Finding a way to communicate, especially when you are upset, is essential to a strong relationship. It will stop you from reacting with pure emotion and potentially saying something that you don’t mean.


2. Money

Do you prefer to spend or save? You might find that your financial priorities don’t match up. Having a conversation about this in incredibly important. Are nights out on the town with your friends a priority, or would you prefer to save for a large expense? Other conversations you should have include credit card debt and loans, and if you will be combining your finances. There’s no right or wrong way, but working on it together will definitely help.


3. Priorities 

Is there something on your bucket list you have to do? For me, I need to have a holiday at least once a year. If not, making a list of items you and your spouse are looking forward to, from children to holidays, will help you thicken as a team.


4. Children

Talking about having a growing family or not is a conversation that you must have before you get married. For sure, your thoughts may change over time, but starting with an open and honest conversation will keep your bond close. 


5. Family Obligations & Friends

How do you normally spend Christmas? How will you manage it in the future? Will you take turns seeing the inlaws on Christmas Day and Boxing Day? If you discuss this before marriage, it becomes easier to tell the family what you intend to do. Expectations can be managed without anyone feeling hurt.

Keeping friendships alive can be challenging in your first year of marriage, as many people nest during this time. You should make sure that you encourage each other to continue those friendships that support your marriage.


By Steve, Herts Wedding Photography.

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