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Five Mistakes Brides Make Before the Big Day

1. Not Having a Hair and Makeup Trial 

It would be best if you had a trial to make sure your makeup and hair is what you expected. It gives your artists a chance to make notes of the exact style and feel you’re looking for so there are no surprises on your wedding day. It will also give you a good idea of how much time you’ll need to allocate for yourself on the wedding day. I’d always recommend adding at least 30 minutes to the time it takes so that they have ample time.


2. Not Delegating Responsibilities to Others

You’ve planned out your whole event from start to finish; now you’re ready to enjoy right? Unfortunately, many couples don’t delegate jobs to their family and bridal party ahead of time. Instead, they are stuck to their phones on calls and answering questions. Allocating tasks to members of your family allows them to be an integral part of your day.


3. Not Making a “Family Photos” List

Speaking of family… not taking the time to think about who you’d like pictures with makes family photos extremely stressful. Your photographer can provide you with a template from which you can build upon. This also gives you a chance to talk about any family situations your photographer should know.


4. Not Making a Wedding Day Timeline

Make sure you speak with your photographer about a month prior to help build your wedding day timeline. This gives you enough time to inform all your vendors of when you expect them to arrive and to see what needs to be done at what time so you can appropriately delegate responsibilities.


5. Not Taking Engagement Pictures

What if, come the day of your wedding, you and your photographer don’t quite ‘click’. They’re either taking longer than you expected, or they’re not capturing you as you expected. The best way to feel great about your photos before your wedding day is to spend time with your photographer beforehand. And an engagement session is the perfect opportunity for this.

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