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Feeling Nervous About Your Wedding Photos? Then Walk Through A Session With Me.

The number one thing I hear from couples is that they are nervous about having their pictures taken and worried that they will look awkward. If you feel this way, then you’re not alone! Below is how a typical session is with me.

Firstly, it’s important to remember that it is perfectly ok to be nervous about having your photos taken. It’s my mission to make both of you feel as comfortable as possible.

I usually start by just chatting with you both. Typically this happens whilst we walk to where we are going to begin our shoot. This gives us a chance to get to know each other. I won’t rush you to have your photos taken as there’s simply no need to do so. You’ll see that your photos are natural and show you relaxed as you’re in each other’s arms.

Getting Set Up

So undoubtedly, I’ll probably tell you a few poor dad jokes to get a laugh or a smile from you.

At the start of a photoshoot, you’ll probably stand facing each other. I then tend to say,

“I’m just going to take some test shots, so just have a chat whilst I get set up”.

During this time, you’ll see me with my cameras and hear the shutter’s click, but you won’t be overly focused on me or what you are doing.

Whilst I’m doing this, I can usually capture some lovely personal moments between you.

And So We Begin

I will probably start by asking the couple to hold each-other or hold hands. From there, I’ll talk you through some simple positions to capture natural photos of you together. I can gauge couples really well, so you can be safe knowing that I won’t make you do anything that feels awkward.

A Bit Of Banter

Mostly we’ll continue chatting. It’s best to keep the conversation flowing because we all know how uncomfortable silence can be. I’ll ask you to think back to your first date because I find these can be really funny and result in genuine natural photos.

The below picture is a photo I love. I’ll start by asking one person to stand close to me and for the other person to come up and wrap their arms around them. Though don’t put your arms up too high as it could like they’re in a choke-hold!

The groom kissing the bride to be

Stevenage Wedding Photographer

Another trick I like to use is having one of you whisper the vegetables’ names into the others’ ear. It always gets a laugh!

engagement shoots in stevenage

A Few Other Moments

I may ask you to show me your first dance (always ends in laughter), walk together holding hands, and get you close together and think about your wedding day.

These are perfect moments as it shows who you are as a couple.

And that’s it!

It’s my job to make you both feel as comfortable as possible! I guarantee that you will have a great time, and I’m sure you’ll be chatting about it even after the session is finished.


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