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The Wedding of Alex & Alyshia at Essendon Country Club

I love Essendon Country Club Weddings! The Saturday before Christmas I photographed the marriage of Alex & Alyshia (http://www.essendonweddings.co.uk) at this lovely venue in Hatfield. Although it was December, and given the recent snow, we were predicted to have a dry day!

I arrived at the house of Alyshia’s parents in the morning and immediately grabbed photos of the preparations and then went to get shots of the dress and shoes.

The bride having makup applied for her Essendon Country Club Wedding

Eye shadow being applied to the bride by the makeup artist

The bride smiling at herself in the mirror

The stunning wedding dress hanging on a door frame

The stunning wedding dress

A black and white shot of the dress detailing the most intricate parts of the design

The wedding belt with small swarovski crystals

The family pet

The brides wedding shoes

Shortly after, Mum & Alyshia’s bridesmaids arrived back from the Salon.

The mother of the bride arrives at the house where the bridal preparations are taking place

A bridesmaid smiling

Bridesmaids watch the bridal preparations

A glass of champagne is poured out for the celebrations

A black and white shot of makeup being put on the bride

The sister of the bride looking stunning
I also had the pleasure of working alongside Shelley and Torz from Videos of Elegance (​https://www.videosofelegance.co.uk) who captured the Bridal preparations all the way through to the first dance.

A videographer films the bridal preparations

The back of the dressing gowns of the bridal party

essendon country club weddings


Mother of the bride buttons up the back of the wedding dress


The mother of the bride puts the finishing touches to the wedding dress


The bride wears a stunning headpiece

I always love the shot of where Dad gets to see his daughter for the first time in her wedding dress. We then headed off to the venue to catch up with the Groom and his Best Man.

The father of the bride gets the first look of his daughter in her wedding dress


The front of the Essendon Country Club Weddings Venue

The rings held safely by the best man

The groom and his best man before the Essendon Country Club Weddings Celebration

Three bridesmaids wearing stunning blue dresses

The bridal bouquet of flowers in blue and ivory

The venue looked stunning so I took the opportunity to grab some photos before the Bride arrived.

Inside the Essendon Country Club Weddings Venue

Table numbers were replaced with the different drinks the couple enjoyed

The table decorations inside the Essendon Country Club Weddings reception room

A placename holder at the Essendon Country Club Wedding Venue

A buttonhole being attached to the suit of the father of the bride

The bride arrived and so it was time for the ceremony to get underway.

A bridesmaid enters the wedding ceremony room

A bridesmaid holding a bouquet of flowers

The sister of the bride enters just before the bride and her father

The bride is walked down the aisle by her father

The father of the bride gives his daughter a kiss on the cheek

The bride and groom stand in front of their guests and the weddings registrar

The bride places the wedding ring on the groom

The best man passes the groom the wedding ring for the bride

A wedding guests watches the ceremony

The bride and groom seal their marriage with a kiss

The bride and groom pose to sign the wedding register

The signing of the wedding register with witnesses
We then headed outside for the confetti shot and to begin the group photographs.

The confetti is thrown towards the bride and groom

The bride and groom share a kiss

Wedding photos of the bridal party

A group shot that took place at Essendon Country Club
Due to the number of guests, we decided to split the photos and take some in the evening so I could spend some time with the Bride & Groom for their portrait shots.

A wedding portrait shot of the bride and groom

The bride and groom walk together at Essendon Country Club through the trees

The bride and groom with Essendon Country Club Weddings Venue in the background besides the golf course

The bride looks into the eyes of her husband

The bride and groom stand together

It was then time for the wedding breakfast so we headed back inside.

The Seating plan for the couple

A young lady smiles for a photo

A couple get a photo together

During the afternoon and into the evening, entertainment was provided by Andy & the team at Mr H (​http://www.mrhproductions.co.uk) who were fab at keeping guests entertained.

A wedding singer keeps the guests entertained

Wedding guests toast the bride and groom

Two guests pose for a selfie

After the Wedding Breakfast, we moved onto the speeches.

The father of the bride delivers his speech to guests

The mother of the bride sits listening to the speeches

The groom laughs at the wedding speeches

A guest enjoying the wedding speeches

The bride uses a tissue to wipe away the tears of laughter

The groom delivers his speech to the guests

A wedding guest applauds the wedding speeches

The best man sits laughing

The sister of the bride delivers a small speech

The best man holds a microphone whilst delivering his speech about the groom

The father of the groom also delivers a speech

Guests toast the bride and groom
After the speeches, we headed upstairs and grabbed a few more group photos.

Posed wedding shots alongside the bride and groom

The bride poses with friends and family

The gorgeous wedding cake


The bride and groom cut the wedding cake


The happy couple cutting into the wedding cake


The DJ booth and dancefloor at Essendon Country Club Weddings Venue

The bride and groom

The bride and groom showered by a confetti cannon

A wedding guest dancing

Evening guests pose for a photo

A wedding guest dancing with his drink

A saxophonist provides live entertainment

Two guests dance together at the Essendon Country Club Weddings venue
​By Steve, Herts Wedding Photography – Essendon Country Club Weddings, based in Stevenage, Hertfordshire.


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