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The Wedding Task Game

Are you looking to add a bit more fun to your wedding?

So here I introduce to you, the Wedding task game. The idea is that you get someone, probably your best man, to place a card underneath each person’s assigned seats. Each of these cards will have a customised task for that person to carry out. For those that are elderly, you should probably keep to activities such as “Say hello to three people from the other side of the family” or “Have a dance with the kids for a song”.

But for the rest of your guests-

Wedding task game to always be the last one to stop clapping

Make sure you give this to a parent or anyone on the top table. But make sure you have at least three other cards with the same instructions stuck underneath your guests’ chairs too.

Wedding task game to catch the bouquet

Make sure a groomsman gets this one – Extra points if they catch it!

Wedding task game to photobomb as many pictures as possible

Are your guests lining up to take the perfect selfie? Then this is the task for someone who isn’t camera shy!

Wedding task game to be on constant vigilance

Enough said for this one ;-)

Wedding task game to high five everyone you meet

Should they choose, when they go for it, pull away and say “too slow!”. You’ll often find that if you do this to enough kids, they’ll hunt you down in a pack bundling you to the ground until you high-five them all.

Wedding task game to hide silverware

Don’t steal it – but perhaps keep an eye out for the guest who brought along the most substantial bag to help them with this one.

Wedding Task Game to swap sunglasses

Who knows, you may end up with a pair of knock-off Ray-Bans that you can treasure for years.

Wedding task game to not let go when shaking hands

Make sure there’s a few of these dotted around. Chances are when two of these card bearers meet they could just end up holding hands for hours.

Got any other ideas for the Wedding Task Game? Throw them in the comments below. Until next time, stay safe -x-

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