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A guide to capturing genuine moments with the photographer at your wedding

Your wedding photos are a chance to capture all the magic of this important day so that you can look back with happy memories for years to come. They’re also a chance to share this day with people who can’t be with you, whether that’s due to distance, illness or guest list constraints. So it’s understandable that you want these images to be as perfect as possible – but how can you go about getting pictures you’re happy with?

The first stage, of course, is to hire a photographer who you feel comfortable around and who understands the sorts of images you’re looking for. You’ll want to do this around 9-12 months before your wedding. But that’s only half of the process – there are some things you can do too. In this post, we explain how to get the best out of your wedding photography experience.

Get used to being in photos

Whether you don’t like being photographed at all or struggle to know how to hold yourself in photos, there’s nothing worse than an awkward-looking couple at a wedding. You want your photos to look relaxed and natural, and for you to be able to focus on each other, not the camera lens.

To achieve this, try and get used to being in photos in the lead-up to your celebration. You may also want to consider having an engagement photoshoot or practice session with your photographer ahead of time. Not only will this help loosen you up, but it can help the photographer get a better idea of what sort of shots will suit you as a couple. The result? Far better wedding photos.

Let them into the preparations

You’ll want to get formal photos taken on your wedding day, most likely of groups of significant people and you and your partner. These are lovely to have, and show everyone at their best, but it can also be nice to have some candid preparation photos of you and your respective bridesmaids or groomsmen. These people are probably your closest friends, and getting ready for the ceremony together is a big part of the day.

Allow your photographer into the room where you’re getting ready, and ask them to discreetly take photos of you all laughing together or getting hair and makeup done. This will provide a set of natural, unposed photos that capture a private part of the day.

Try to focus on just being present

It’s easier said than done but try and focus on what’s happening on the day, rather than where your photographer is or what you look like. Not every photo will be perfect, but in years to come you’ll be glad that you have some images to cherish, rather than what your hair looks like or if you’ve been caught at an awkward angle.

Trust your photographer to do their job – whilst it might be a once-in-a-lifetime moment for you, but this is their profession. They’ll know how to blend in with your guests and capture images that document the day, and will want you to be happy with the finished result.




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