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9 Dos and Don’ts for Getting Ready the Morning of Your Wedding

Yes, you should absolutely have a drink —just not 10 of them!


If you think about getting ready on your wedding day with your bridesmaids, you’re probably all having your hair and makeup done and sipping champagne as the photographer snaps away. You’ve got Spotify loaded with your favourite songs. But what else should you consider?


1. Set A Timeline.

Having a wedding day timeline is absolutely crucial for how the day will go. Make a timeline with your photographer as they’ll need to know when and where they have to be to grab photos of everyone getting ready.

2. Hang Up Your Dress & Veil.

As early as possible, hang up your wedding dress and veil where it can breathe and preferably where nobody will touch it. Tuck the comb of the veil inside the back of the dress, and let it hang down.

3. Snacks!

Make sure to have an array of food available for your wedding party that will tide them over until the reception. Sandwiches, salads and yoghurts would be perfect.


Be aware of how much you’re drinking. The last thing you want is a headache at the beginning of your day.

5. Put Together An Awesome Playlist.

Fun and upbeat songs will put everyone in a great mood, so make sure you’ve tunes queued up.

6. Power Sockets.

I’ve seen it a dozen times. Everyone wants to charge their phone; hairstylists need sockets for straighteners and rollers. You may want to bring along an extension lead or two to ensure you have enough sockets, but please check with your venue first. They may only allow electrical items that are PAT tested.

7. Put Together An Emergency Kit.

Put together a little kit to deal with any mini-emergencies, including stain remover, mints, tissues and fashion tape.

8. Remember To Give Your Bridesmaids Gifts.

If you have getting-ready robes, distribute them as early as possible.

9. Don’t Get Ready In A Cramped Room

If you’re having a large bridal party along with multiple hairstylists and makeup artists, you’ll want to make sure that everyone doesn’t feel cramped or on top of each other. You’ll ideally also want a room with great natural lighting.

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