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7 Wedding Cake Alternatives For Couples Who Want to Serve Something Unique

You don’t have to serve a wedding cake at your reception if you don’t want to. Plenty of couples are making their own traditions by serving a variety of alternative wedding desserts instead. If you need inspiration for wedding cake alternatives, I’ve got you covered. Here are some ideas for couples who want to serve something unique.


wedding cupcakes

Perhaps a mini cake is your dream dessert. If that’s the case, wedding cupcakes are the choice for you. Get creative with cake-and-icing combinations or keep it classic with the basics. (Chocolate and vanilla are always great flavours to satisfy a sweet craving.) Cupcakes still rank high as a beloved wedding dessert alternative.

Confectionary Bar

confectionary bar

Love is pretty sweet, so celebrate accordingly by offering a wedding confectionary bar at your reception. Whether you pair it with other wedding desserts or let it shine on its own, guests will love creating a custom bag of their favourite sweets.


wedding doughnuts

Not only are doughnuts easy to eat, but they’re also easily customisable. Get them iced in your wedding colours, or arrange them on a doughnut wall. Regardless of the way you display them, your guests will devour wedding doughnuts.


wedding cheesecake

If this savoury treat is your go-to, you’ll be pleased to know that it can serve as a modern wedding dessert option at your reception. Whether you opt for a tiered wedding cheesecake or mini bites that guests can take on the dance floor, this wedding cake alternative will be sure to please.

Ice Cream & Ice Lolly Bar

ice lolly bar

Not only is a wedding ice cream bar a great interactive experience for you and your guests, but it’ll also be a treat to remember. 


wedding macaroons

Macarons are one of the most elegant (and delicious) wedding desserts. 


wedding mousse

Yes, mousse can be a wedding cake alternative if you want.

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