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7 Moments You Wouldn't Want To Miss During Your Wedding

7 Moments You Wouldn’t Want To Miss During Your Wedding

Weddings—while being special events by themselves—are filled with individual special moments. From the time that the bride is getting ready to the moment the newly married couple kisses, these are all moments you want to remember and cherish forever. What can you do to ensure that you remember what you felt during that day, as well as recollect the many different scenes as vividly as the day you got married? With professional photography, of course!

Here are some beautiful moments a professional photography team will never miss:

1. The Preparation

The beautiful glow, the sweet smile, and the moving emotions—all of these can be captured while the bride is preparing for the wedding. From the dress and makeup to the maid of honour straightening the bride’s train, all of the little details will be captured to create a beautiful backstory to the ceremony’s main event. It portrays the start of a most beautiful day, and one that is filled with emotions felt from the get-go.

2. The Wait

While the groom is standing there, waiting for the bride, he displays many different emotions, mainly one that points to pure joy (and maybe a little impatience). From the sparkle in his eye to the smile of joining his life with his beloved, those expressions give away the feelings he will be experiencing.

3. The Bride

The bride herself is a living art form. Every crucial detail is stunning, and every emotion she shows on her face is genuinely moving. Only the best angles and shots will be able to display them in all their best light.

4. The Groom

Just as stunning as the bride is the groom himself. Looking sharp and sleek, one can say that this is the moment the groom will look the best, ever with his custom-made suit and tie (or bow). Plus, the moments he walks with his mother or finally gets to see the bride face to face evoke so much emotion and should be remembered forever, and deservingly so.

5. The Walk

With both bursting with emotions and trying awfully hard not to pass out from pure happiness, the walk down the aisle together is truly magical. From the showers of flowers to the well-dressed guests that surrounded the couple, all these elements help emit an emotion of happiness and pride for the newly wedded couple.

6. The Kiss

The first kiss as husband and wife is always and forever will be one of the most special moments at the wedding. Plus, it’s just too romantic to ignore! As people cheer and clap on, the entire venue will be filled with beautiful sounds and an overwhelming amount of emotion.

7. The Guests

The guests deserve some attention as well. They have left their homes and traveled, dedicating time and money to prepare themselves for this special occasion. Weddings are always full of emotion as everyone will have come together to celebrate a new union—one loved and supported by their community. Shots of your guests wiping their eyes during the vows and dancing happily at the reception will allow you to reminisce upon the wonderful memories of celebrating with your loved ones. It’s the perfect way to complete a wedding album.


As you can see, these are all the special moments you simply can’t neglect to capture on film. Of course, that is not to say that you should only focus on these moments. Pretty much every aspect of the marriage is special in its own way.

Only a team of professional wedding photographers will be well equipped and knowledgeable enough to know when these moments happen, where they should be to take pictures, and how they can display what’s happening in its best light. Remember—a wedding is once in a lifetime and there won’t be any retakes. Get it right with a great team from the get-go.

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