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6 Reasons Why You Shouldn’t Skip That Engagement Shoot

Amidst the hectic planning, many couples choose not to have an engagement shoot due to limited available time. But every single one of my couples has told me how beneficial these sessions were to them.

Here Are Six Reasons Why We Shouldn’t Ignore That Engagement Shoot


You’ll Get Accustomed To Being In Front Of The Camera

Many of us are not used to being the primary subject when there’s a photographer around, and the chances are that cameras could add to your nerves on your wedding day. You may be worried that you’ll look awkward or overthink about how you should be standing or where you should put your hands. Engagement shoots are fantastic icebreakers for you and your photographer. You’ll get familiar with being photographed, and you’ll get to see how you look in the photos before your wedding day.


Getting To Know Your Photographer

You’re going to be with your photographer all day at your wedding, so to feel relaxed around them is a must! You’ll chat, tell stories, and share some jokes. Your photographer will get to know your personalities and how you interact with each other. This helps a photographer to know how to work with you and how to capture you most authentically.


Material For Save The Date Cards

Don’t keep your photos stored digitally. Why not use them for save-the-date cards or wedding invitations? If you book your session months in advance before your wedding date, you’ll have the photos available and ready to use.


Celebrate Your Love For Each Other

Being engaged is exciting, but whilst planning your wedding and future together, it can become too easy to struggle to find time for each other. These engagement sessions are a great way to take time out with each other.


Combine It With Your Hair And Makeup Trial

Why not combine your hair and makeup trial with the day of your engagement shoot? It will mean that you can take advantage of your hair and makeup styled professionally and get some stunning pictures of how it will look in the photos.

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