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5 Wedding Traditions and Superstitions

You’ve probably heard a few superstitions over the years and probably have your own thoughts about what’s unlucky and what’s lucky. Everyone has different beliefs, but some of the most common fall into three broad categories: those concerned with what will happen before the wedding, those that pertain to the wedding day itself, and those that refer to the marriage itself.


“Something old, something new, something borrowed and something blue.”

This comes from an old victorian rhyme. Something old should represent a link with the bride’s family and their past. This is typically a piece of family jewellery.

Something new is meant to represent good fortune and success in the bride’s new life. This is often the wedding dress or a new pair of shoes.

Something borrowed is a reminder that family and friends will always be there when needed. This could be a small item, such as a necklace or a hairpin.

Something blue represents faithfulness and loyalty. This is a tradition dating back to biblical times, where the colour blue represented purity.


Silver Sixpence In Your Shoe

This is said to bring the couple wealth and happiness during their life together.


It’s Bad Luck To See Your Partner Before Your Wedding

It has always been considered to be bad luck to see your other half on the morning of your wedding. However, this superstition has been changing over recent years as more couples opt for a ‘first look’ photo before the ceremony. It’s a lovely intimate and relaxed moment for you together before the celebrations of the day begin.


The Groom Should Stand To The Right Of The Bride

This is a tradition in the wedding ceremony that refers to the groom being able to protect his bride with his left arm and use his right arm to use his sword to fight off other potential suitors.


The Bride Should Be Carried Over The Threshold

The act of carrying the bride over the threshold is meant to protect her from evil spirits present in the new home together. This is probably the least commonly practised as the majority of couples these days already live together.


Have you got any other traditions or superstitions you can think of or that you will be following?


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