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5 Tips For Bridal Accessories For A Themed Wedding

1/ Planning a themed wedding can cause a headache later on if you’ve picked a theme that is hard to shop for. You should look to focus on something that is easy to shop for and easy to put together. Planning your wedding takes time enough as it is, without adding a theme that requires additional time.

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2/ With a themed wedding, you will want to buy a dress and shoes that fit this theme. The same goes for shoes and headpieces too. Your flowers should also fit with your wedding theme.

3/ The ceremony. Many brides have a themed wedding to move away from a traditional ceremony. If you have a beach theme, then you won’t want a traditional service. You could have traditional vows or even choose to write your own.

4/ The reception. Since your wedding is represented by a theme, you want to ensure your reception is in keeping with this. You may have a Disney theme or a fairy tale theme; either way, you want to have table décor, decorations and wedding favours that match this.

5/ The honeymoon. Although you will be spending it somewhere other than the wedding venue, you might still want to continue the theme. Whether you have a hotel room or your own home, you can add some decorations to the room to carry the theme into the next day.

Keeping these five tips in mind should help you plan a great themed wedding and assure you that you will find all the bridal accessories you need to have the perfect wedding.

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