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5 Tips For Bridal Accessories For A Themed Wedding

1/ If you’re planning a themed wedding, avoid anything that will make it difficult to shop for. Look for something that you’ll be easily able to buy and put together. You’ll already spend long enough planning your wedding day, and so if you’re adding a theme, you don’t want it to take up more of your precious time unecessarily.

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2/ Next, you’ll need a wedding dress and shoes that fit your theme.

3/ Ceremony; An increasing number of couples are moving away from a traditional ceremony. If you have a Harry Potter theme, then perhaps you won’t want a traditional service.

4/ Reception; You may have a Disney theme or a fairy tale theme; either way, you want to have table d├ęcor, decorations and wedding favours that match this.

5/ Honeymoon; Although you won’t be spending it at your wedding venue, you might still want to continue the theme. Whether you have a hotel room or your own home, you can add some decorations to your room or luggage to carry your theme far beyond your wedding day.

Themed weddings are great but don’t make it too difficult for yourself. Make sure before you commit to a theme that you can find all the bridal accessories you need to have your perfect wedding.

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