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4 Cost Saving Tips for Your Wedding Reception

We all love tasty treats, but sometimes there isn’t the budget for those perfect appetisers. But there are ways to cut costs that may lead to finding just enough for those mouth-watering appetisers.

One of the high priorities for my wedding was the food. However, we didn’t have a bottomless pot of gold, so we had to look at what we could do.

According to recent surveys, the average person will cost £75 a plate when it comes to food. In my area of Hertfordshire, that number is closer to £90, so it will vary depending on where you are getting married.

So here are some cost-saving tips.


If you are flexible, look at the different times of the day you could host your wedding. Lunch tends to be cheaper than dinner but still just as tasty.

You might also consider having a later wedding. If you have your reception around 4 pm, the chances are that your guests have already eaten lunch.

Be Aware Of The Season

Venues will have peak and off-peak seasons. During the busy season, catering companies may charge extra for their services to accommodate the higher demand. If you are flexible with your wedding date, check with what seasons could be financially healthier.

Doing things yourself.

Another DIY is to have a natural sponge cake as your wedding cake. Or you could have a small ceremonial cake that the two of you cut for the photos and then have cupcakes or an assortment of doughnuts for your guests to choose from.

The DIY option is great, but make sure that you have asked your venue about their policies. Some venues do not allow outside food to be brought in.

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