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3 Tips for the Picture-Perfect Barn Wedding of Your Dreams

Planning the picture-perfect barn wedding you’ve always dreamed of is simple and definitely doable. With a wide range of renovated barns now made for weddings, you have plenty of options to choose from to transport you and your wedding entourage to a beautifully rustic paradise.

But what exactly does it take to make any regular barn wedding venue a memorable wedding for everyone? Here are the best barn wedding-themed tips you need to know to take your guests on a glorious journey and make your big day a picture-perfect moment.

1. Looking into the wedding plan

As mentioned earlier, there are a variety of barns you can choose from. Before booking a barn venue, it’s always important to know what exactly you and your significant other want. You may want to consult with your wedding coordinator about your wedding plan and look into what kind of setup you wish to have. This is because there are different kinds of weddings, and not everyone may do it the same way.

Maybe you wish to have your wedding ceremony and the wedding reception in the same barn venue. This setup is more ideal for weddings with a small number of guests. Some couples, however, are more traditional and want to first hold their wedding ceremony with the vicar at the church. Often, these kinds of weddings have separate venues because they want more guests to show up at the wedding reception.

2. Filling the barn with rustic-chic decorations

Aside from accounting for your wedding plan, having the right decorations to set the ambience of your barn venue is also just as important. You have to remember that you want everyone to remember your big day, so having the venue dressed for the occasion makes the moment shine brighter than the others. It doesn’t have to be flashy decorations either.

The great thing about a barn wedding is you have the option to be traditional or modern, just like when you plan out your wedding program. For instance, traditional barn weddings can play into the rustic look and feel of the venue by adding wooden crates and some flowers or decorative harvest vegetable centrepieces. On the other hand, the more modern style weddings often vary in decorations but pay attention more to the colour scheme of the barn venue.

Whatever your taste, adding to the look and feel of your ideal barn wedding really ties everything together.

3. Take great pictures

Now that your plan and the venue are in order, you need to remember to cherish every wedding moment. This means having someone document your wedding like a dedicated wedding photographer. This is because the memories don’t really last forever, and having keepsakes like a printed photo album or digital photographs really add to the intimacy and joy between you and your significant other.

You can even look back at the big day as a family by viewing your wedding video as a Christmas tradition or during any laidback family weekend. Documenting your wedding saves the moment in time and gives you the opportunity to reminisce with your family and friends.


Having an iconic barn wedding is one of the best decisions that you can make as soon-to-be newlyweds. Wedding programs and barn venues aside, having people you can count on planning your wedding will make it share-worthy for years to come. Choose the right people on your wedding planning team and make your big day picture perfect!

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