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About Me

Hi, I’m Steve, a documentary wedding photographer based in Stevenage. In essence, I document the story of your day and of what I see in the most sincere way.

Why I Take Photos

I believe that the strongest characteristic of a good photographer is their ability to connect. A good photographer will always connect with their subject result in a photo that connects people to the moment that was captured. These connections are what makes a good photo a great one and are what I live for. You’ll find my enthusiasm is evident in the quality of the photos I take. I also believe that the best photos, the moments you hire me to capture, are created when they’re sincere.

How I Create Stories

I shoot quietly from a distance which allows me to shoot the wedding from the perspective of a guest. I don’t arrange your guests or change your plans. My role in your wedding is as an observer. I wait to capture emotions as they unfold; the only thing you may hear is the shutter of my camera. I don’t follow trends or mimic styles. My framing, lenses, composition, and perspective with my editing styles – these are my artistic values. I use these values to fine-tune and tell your story In my most effective and natural way.

Fun Facts About Me

1. I always BBQ every Boxing Day whatever the weather
2. I can hustle you in a game of pool
3. I love crime TV series’ such as Criminal Minds, Bones, Medium and Line of Duty
4. I am a huge Harry Potter & Twilight fan
5. I love laughing at fail compilations on YouTube
6. I sing, play the guitar and keyboard, and love 60’s music
7. I don’t eat fruit!
8. I love a t-shirt and shorts any day over formalwear
9. I can’t pronounce “Worcestershire Sauce”
10. My dad-dancing is Epic (so say my kids)  

Things I Love

Pain au Chocolat, Chicken Pathia, Pasta Bake, Toasted Cheese Sandwiches, Jacket Potatoes (with a layer of cheese – followed by beans – then another layer of cheese), Travelling, Homemade Pizza, Long Summer Evenings, Single Malt Whiskey, Live Music, Formula1, Mini-Cheeses (I will destroy a whole selection in one sitting), Hoovering (something strangely therapeutic about it), Frankie Valli & The 4 Seasons, Bon Jovi, Queen, Santana.

Why You Should Book Myself & The Team

Myself and the team are super friendly, fun, and work like ninjas, so you often won’t realise we’re photographing or filming. We’re incredibly easy to get on with, reliable, and merge ourselves seamlessly into your day. 

Check out the reviews from my couples and you will see that along with great photos, brides will often talk about my calmness, sense of humour, and how much fun we had together.

I would love to chat with you about your day. Book in some time with me for a no-obligation chat/Zoom by clicking the link below.

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